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Sewing Extension Tables

Sew AdjusTables

One Sewing Extension Table fits ALL your machines!

~Comes Fully Assembled~

Smooth, flat, clear acrylic work surface with rounded edges and corners for easy fabric movement.

The Sew AdjusTable ® Sewing Extension Table, is an extremely versatile piece of sewing equipment. If you do any type of Sewing, it will make your life easier, extending your sewing bed, and taking both the weight and volumn of your fabric.

Perfect For :- Quilting, Patchwork, Dress Making, Making Curtains, Doll Making, in fact every type of sewing imaginable can be made so much easier with a Sewing Extension Table, the Sew AdjusTable ® advantage over other makes is that it is fully adjustable, and will fit almost all brand makes and models of Portable Sewing Machine Including Sergers / Overlockers.

With the huge added advantage of the Sew AdjusTable ® being ready for delivery in a few days, no waiting for your new Sewing Extension Table having to be custom made, that can be a time saving of up to 6 weeks.

Padded feet protect your work surface and keep your Sewing Extension Table from moving on your work surface. It is also the only Sewing Extension Table to have height adjustable metal legs, this also means, they are strong, they will not buckle under a large volumn of fabric, whether it be your quilting project, or heavy curtains. No more having your Sewing Extension Table legs pop off under heavy weights or constant use.

If you have any questions about the Sew AdjusTable please visit our FAQ Page

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* Compact * Height Adjustable (All Models)
* Versatile * Width Adjustable (Most Models)
* Carry Handle * Sturdy Plated Metal Parts
* Bevelled Edges * 5 Convenient Sizes Plus Extender Tables
* Smooth Acrylic Surface * Non Skid and Non Scratch
* Portable * All Parts Replaceable


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