Sew AdjusTable Measurements

Sew AdjusTable ® Sewing Extension Table Measurements Sizes and Comparisons

There is also some excellent information, on helping choosing a Sew Adjustable ® size that is right for you

The technical information including the Sew AdjusTable ® Measurements are downloadable in PDF format, so you are able to compare them or have them on hand when you are measuring your sewing machine(s) and your work area.

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24 x 24 Sew AdjusTable ®

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18 x 24 Sew AdjusTable ®

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16 x 16 Sew AdjusTable ®

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Points to remember when choosing a table:

  • The front of the table is fully adjustable and will adjust from 5" to 10" on the 18x24 and 24x24 tables, (and 4" to 7" on the 16x16), along the front of your sewing bed or freearm.
  • The back of the table is not adjustable and has two settings in the C dimension,(5-1/2" or 8-1/2" long on the 18x24 and 24x24 tables), and (5-1/2" or 6" long on the 16x16 table).

If a sewing arm is longer than the table opening the table will not fit all the way to the right along the back of your machine but it will still give a satisfactory fit for most applications.

  • When selecting a non-adjustable L-shaped table, the front of the Mini Mate is 6" long and the front of the Feather Mate is 10" long, your sewing bed or freearm must be at least that long for the table to fit.

Need help choosing a size?

When comparing the 18 x 24 and 24 x 24, consider these differences :
~The narrow front part is 5" wide on the 18x24, and 6" wide on the 24x24.
~Both tables will fit a freearm as narrow as 2-1/2", but the 24 x 24 will open 2" wider in the maximum width adjustment. (refer to Dimension A on the drawings above).
The left to right dimensions on both tables are the same.

How big does your work area need to be?

~ The 18 x 24 requires a minimum 16" depth on your work table for the front and back legs to sit.
~The 24 x 24 requires a minimum 22" depth for the front and back legs to sit.
(If your work table is against a wall, more table space may be necessary for the table top to fit if your machine is very wide.) ~The area to the left of your sewing bed needs to be at least 15" (left to right) for both of these tables to fit.
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