Pfaff Sewing Machine

Pfaff Sewing Machine

Welcome to the Pfaff Sewing Machine page for the Sew AdjusTable ®. The Sewing Extension Table that fits virtually any portable sewing machine, it features simple adjustments, solid construction, and a super smooth sewing surface.

Most Asked Question: Why is my Pfaff Sewing Machine model not listed? Answer: Many people simply purchase our, Sewing Extension Table, and we never find out what brand of Sewing Machine/s it is being used on.**We are yet to find a portable Pfaff sewing machine our Sew AdjusTables ® didn't fit.

If you are not familiar with our products, the information below will show you how unique our line of portable sewing extension tables really are.

Our sewing extension tables are adjustable you only need one Sew AdjusTable ® to fit any brand of portable Sewing Machines you have now or in the future, including the Pfaff Sewing Machine

For more information on all our tables please Click Here:

View diagrams complete with measurements to see how each size table will fit your machine. Sew AdjustTable ® Measurement Page.Click Here

If your Pfaff Sewing Machine model is not included in the list below it will still fit our tables. We don't know of a PFAFF machine that does not fit.

You may choose the size that best fits your work area and type of sewing you do.

Pfaff Quilt Expression 4.2
Pfaff 1122 Pfaff 1142 Pfaff 1171 Tiptronic Pfaff 1215 Syntronic
Pfaff 1222 Pfaff 1222E Pfaff 1421 Pfaff 1467
Pfaff 1469 Pfaff 1472 Pfaff 1473D Pfaff 1475
Pfaff 1520 Pfaff 2024 Pfaff 2027 Pfaff 2030
Pfaff 2034 Pfaff 2038 Pfaff 2040 Pfaff 2044
Pfaff 2046 Pfaff 2048 Pfaff 2054 Pfaff 2056 Performance
Pfaff 2058 Pfaff 2124 Pfaff 2140 Pfaff 2170
Pfaff 4852 Serger Pfaff 6085 Pfaff 6091 Pfaff 6122
Pfaff 6250 Pfaff 6270 Tiptronic Pfaff 7530 Pfaff 7550
Pfaff 7570 Pfaff Creative 1471 Pfaff Creative Expression 4.0 Pfaff Expression 2.0
Pfaff Expression 2034 Pfaff Hobby 2022 Pfaff Select 3.0 Pfaff Varimatic 6085
Pfaff Varimatic 6091 Pfaff Ambition Essential Smarter by Pfaff 160s

  • If your Sewing Machine is similar in shape to any of the Pfaff Sewing machines listed here it will fit our sewing extension tables
  • If the outer case on your portable sewing machine is curved or sloped, you will get the best fit by removing the accessory case and placing the Sew AdjusTable, sewing extension table around the free-arm
  • The dimensions on the Sew AdjusTable Measurements page, will help you compare the different size Sewing Extension Tables to see which will best fit your machine(s) and work area
  • If your free-arm is curved, there may be small gaps where the straight edge of the Sew AdjusTable® does not contact your machine. These small gaps usually don't matter and still allow you to enjoy the benefits of a large level surface around your machine.
  • In the unlikely event you are unable to get an adequate fit to your portable Pfaff sewing machine, we will work with you to resolve the problem.
  • We always offer our full money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied for any reason
  • See our Testimonials pages to check for feedback on your portable Pfaff sewing machine

What Our Customers are Saying :-

My table arrived in less than 24 hours, I was amazed. You truly have invented "A Better Mousetrap." The table fit my Pfaff perfectly with only the adjustment that you so thoughtfully added to the directions. I tried it right away and it was great, no need to get accustomed to it. My hand fits under and I can change the bobbin without moving anything, so I'm glad I bought the 24X24.


thank you so much for the extremely prompt service in getting my new tables to me. I ordered the 18×24 and the 24×24, and they arrived the day before I left for quilt camp, just as scheduled. I took both of them with me, and was easily able to set up the 24×24 to use while at camp. It is wonderful! I even noticed that my back did not get so excrutiatingly tight and sore because I was not bent over my machine as usual. It is helping me to break a very bad habit in the way I sit to sew. Everyone at camp was very impressed, and several even tried the small table, which wasn't being used, and really liked it. Thank you so much for a wonderful product — so well designed and of extremely high quality. I will be recommending this table to everyone I know!


Hi, I got my extension table (18×24) and absolutely love it. The engineering is amazing and all the little finishing details have been carefully taken care of. It is easy to put together. I got it mainly to do free-motion quilting but I am finding that it makes other sewing more enjoyable also. It will adapt to my Janome Embroidery machine (300 E), my Singer Serger, and my main machine a Pffaf. I will also be able to adapt it to whatever machine I buy in the future.