Matilda's Own Rotating Cutting Mat 15 Inch

Matilda's Own
Rotating Mat

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Matilda's Own Rotating Cutting Mat 15 Inch

360 ° Rotating Cutting Mat ~ Matilda's Own so you know it is quality that works !!

Matilda's Own Rotating Cutting Mat has more usable space because 100% of the mat is supported at all times.

Rotate the Mat, Not your Template, Fabric or body !

How often have your tried to "ever so carefully" move your fixed cutting mat, so you could cut safely? or had to try and stretch across your table or bench? or worse ended up trying to cut with the rotary cutter facing toward you?

"NEVER AGAIN with the Matilda's Own Rotating Cutting Mat !"

  • 360 ° Rotation
  • Self Healing Surface
  • Square up Blocks Easily
  • Using Templates is a Breeze

Premium Quality :

Made to "Matilda's Own" exacting standards ! It is "well made", "long lasting" and it "works well".

Super Easy to Use

You will not regret having one of these fabulous mats at your disposal

  • Sealed Ball Bearings
  • Adjustable Sensitivity
  • Non Slip Feet (That work)
  • No constantly lifting and rearranging fabric,
  • Perfect for squaring up patchwork blocks

This Rotating Mat is a must have ! With it's easy to use 15" Diameter. Your never have to stop to re-position your fabric, templates or rulers.

  • Unlike a square rotating mat, you have 100% use of the entire surface and you are not limited to a full 1/4 turn
  • It not only allows for efficient cutting of fabric, but also features non-slip feet for safety
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