Babylock Sewing Machine

Babylock Sewing Machine

Welcome to the Babylock Sewing Machine page for the Sew AdjusTable ®. The Sewing Extension Table that fits virtually any portable sewing machine, it features simple adjustments, solid construction, and a super smooth sewing surface.

Most Asked Question: Why is my Babylock Sewing Machine model not listed? Answer: Many people simply purchase our, Sewing Extension Table, and we never find out what brand of Sewing Machine/s it is being used on.**We are yet to find a portable Babylock sewing machine our Sew AdjusTables ® didn't fit.

If you are not familiar with our products, the information below will show you how unique our line of portable sewing extension tables really are.

Our sewing extension tables are adjustable you only need one Sew AdjusTable ® to fit any brand of portable Sewing Machines you have now or in the future, including the Babylock Sewing Machine

For more information on all our tables please Click Here:

View diagrams complete with measurements to see how each size table will fit your machine. Sew AdjustTable ® Measurement Page. Click Here

If your Babylock Sewing Machine model is not included in the list below it will still fit our tables. We don't know of a BABYLOCK machine that does not fit.

You may choose the size that best fits your work area and type of sewing you do.

Babylock 418 Babylock 6800 Babylock BL Creative Pro
Babylock BL Ellisimo Babylock BL mod 772 Babylock BL2500
Babylock BL40 Babylock BL6300 Babylock Crafters Choice
Babylock Decorator's Babylock Denim Pro Babylock Design Pro
Babylock Ellageo Babylock Ellure Babylock Ellure BLR
Babylock Ellure ESL Babylock Embellisher Babylock Embellisher 7
Babylock Esante Babylock Esante 2 Babylock Escape
Babylock Espire Babylock Evolve Serger Babylock Grace A-line BL 40A
Babylock Intrigue Babylock Pro B17 Babylock Quilters Choice

  • If your Sewing Machine is similar in shape to any of the Babylock Sewing machines listed here it will fit our sewing extension tables
  • If the outer case on your portable sewing machine is curved or sloped, you will get the best fit by removing the accessory case and placing the Sew AdjusTable, sewing extension table around the free-arm
  • The dimensions on the Sew AdjusTable Measurements page, will help you compare the different size Sewing Extension Tables to see which will best fit your machine(s) and work area
  • If your free-arm is curved, there may be small gaps where the straight edge of the Sew AdjusTable® does not contact your machine. These small gaps usually don't matter and still allow you to enjoy the benefits of a large level surface around your machine.
  • In the unlikely event you are unable to get an adequate fit to your portable Babylock sewing machine, we will work with you to resolve the problem.
  • We always offer our full money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied for any reason
  • See our Testimonials pages to check for feedback on your portable Babylock sewing machine

What Our Customers are Saying :-

The table is fantastic, I love how intuitive and customizable it is, the surface is super smooth and the little things like the cut out handle also make a big difference.
Congratulations on such a great product, and know that I'll be recommending it to friends who sew!
(Babylock Ellure Plus / 18 x 24 Sew AdjusTable ®)

……My wife loves it and as I said I was impressed from a mechanical view……she has a smaller machine and she is deciding about one for it…..we will certainly be buying it from you when she decides…..BTW the machine I put this on is a Babylock Ellageo….. thanks again and thank you for getting it here in time for Christmas…..

(Babylock Ellageo / 18 x 24 Sew AdjusTable®)

Just a note to thank you and your husband for being sooooo clever! I just love the adjustable sewing table I received from you.

It was very easy to fit it to the Babylock Embellisher. I will be sure to take it with me to class. When the other participants ask where I got this ingenious accessory I will be sure to point them to your website (Good idea to have your website address printed on the table).

(Sew AdjusTable® 16″ x 16″ / Babylock Embellisher)