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All Pied Up Patchwork Template Playing with Hexagons Series

Meredithe Clark
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All Pied Up Patchwork Template - Playing with Hexagons Series

8” across widest point

Six kite shapes join together to form a hexagon, which is surrounded by wedges which makes the larger finished hexagon

Another Template in the Paying with Hexagons Series patchwork sets.

Each design has been measured perfectly to allow for mixing and matching of blocks to create beautiful quilts.

Each set includes instructions, design ideas, and high quality fibre optic plastic templates for easy fussy cutting of fabric.

Each package is also marked with a green hexagon, allowing you to readily recognise the templates in this series.

The Meredithe Clark Signature Collection of High Quality Acrylic Quilting and Patchwork Templates that may be reused time and time again, and are made in Australia by Matilda's Own

High Quality, Precision Marked, Durable

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