Large Size Sew AdjusTable 24" X 24"
What a difference this extension sewing machine table makes!!! I prefer this table because it fits all machines. So...I have a 930 Bernina and should I decide to upgrade to a Bernina with a stitch regulator for free motion quilting, it will fit my new machine as well. Plus, if it should get broken, only the broken piece will have to be replaced. I will not need a silicone mat, just a little furniture wax will do the trick. The owners of the business are very personable and quick to answer any questions. I received very good service and I am so happy with this purchase.
A great "American made" product!
I have been looking for an add-on table for a long time for my old Bernina single needle and overlocker, and didn't want to have to buy 2 different ones. Somehow I found Sewing-mates different add-on extensions. I love the one I got. It makes sewing so much easier to be able to rest the fabric right on the table while sewing and also be able to adjust it up to fit my overlocker. It makes everything easier! I bought it in California and disassembled it completely to take back to London. I was amazed at how beautifully
it is made, and how easily it puts back together. And all attention to details have been well thought out. I cannot praise this table enough! Thank you!
Happy happy happy!
I own a Singer Creative Touch 1030, and this table fits perfectly. It just takes a few adjustments, and then your good to go! I have been sewing on my Singer for about 30 years, and this is the first time I've sewn on a flat, large surface. It's great! It is very well made (and I love that it's made in the USA!). I've been using it now for about a week and am extremely happy with this purchase. I love how it will adjust to any sewing machine should I choose to purchase a new one. 16x16
My new 16x16 table is perfect
Saw this table on Quilt Cam with Bonnie Hunter one evening and knew I had to try one. I collect antique machines and I also have a Babylock Decorators Choice that I wanted table for along with my Singer 301's. These tables are well built and very adjustable. I will say the directions are great, and it helps to read through both pages before adjusting! I got so excited when I got it that I really didn't read the sheet. My adjustments would have been quicker if I had! Its really easy to do!!! The legs are great with the two different heights. I am going to get another one! to travel with!
I'd given up until I found Sewing Mates!
I love this extension table! My machine does not have a brand compatible table and I thought I'd have to make due without one. I decided to search the internet one more even though at this point I was very discouraged since I'd previously bought a table from Amazon that had be mislabeled and to return it. As was about to give up I found Sewing Mates! I couldn't believe that it listed my Brother xl2600i machine as compatible with these table but after watching the video demonstration I knew it was worth the risk to buy another table. When I received the table I was very happy to see it was as nice as it had looked online! It's sturdy and does what it say with adjusting perfectly to my machine. I have be using my machine for over a week with the use of the table and it makes sewing anything but especially my quilts so much easier! I know in the future when I get a bigger and fancier sewing machine I will be back to get a bigger sized table as well!
love these tables!
this is my second Sewing Mates table, one for home & now a 2nd one for classes & retreats. WELL engineered & versatile legs, plus fantastic customer service from Barb, the owner. With 5 sewing machines, I would need 5 separate tables using the "other brand". Only need one adjustable table from Sewing Mates! Thanks for a well-made product.
Pfaff CS/Bernina 580/Babylock Sofia
This table adjusts to all of them with ease. It's the greatest. I've been wanting one of these tables for years and then putting it on the back burner. Now that I finally own one, I'm just floored at how customizable it is. It fits perfectly on both my Pfaff and Bernina machines, and also the little Sofia. It's simple to adjust. The legs are extremely cleverly made and much more robust than the rubber and plastic legs I'm accustomed to seeing on most brands of sewing tables. They will last a long, long time. I think I see a few more sizes in my future, but this size will be just perfect for taking to classes an general everyday use. ;) 16x16
what an economical way to have a sewing table for three machines
I have been looking sewing surfaces to add to my sewing machine, embroidery machine and serger. I find I sew straighter of there is a larger surface to hold the fabric Buying three separate tables was costly and I was trying to decide which one to start with when I ran across your product on U Tube. I was delighted that it would fit all three machines. It came promptly and as promised it adjusts to do exactly what I wanted it to do and at about one half the price of the other alternative. It is well constructed and looks like it will give me several years of service no matter what machine I use now and in the future
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