I own two of your tables. The largest one and one of the smallest. They have really been great. My husband helped me adapt one to fit an unusual configuration of one of my machine by drilling a couple of extra holes (he's an engineer, too). This is a great product. The service has been good, and these tables are made in the good old USA! Congratulations on a well made product.
Show and Tell for all my pals!
I love this table. I can't wait to take it to my next Friendship Group Sit & Sew!. I suspect there will be plenty of new orders just in time for Christmas.
Very high quality product. Well done.
After decades of always struggling with that final part of making a quilt... the quilting itself, this extension table has made it so much easier. I just bought the 24x24 one and it fits my Singer 7470 perfectly. I'm enjoying it very much. It's extremely well made and well thought out. The height can be adjusted in 1/8 inch increments and no flimsy or cheap materials were used. It's stable, smooth and very durable, and will probably last for decades.
Sew Grateful!
Grip-its are perfect!!! I am learning free-motion quilting but find gloves to be claustrophobic. I also do not like needing to remove them to change a music station, use the phone, etc. The Greer's invention of Grip-its have made my quilting life so much easier and more comfortable. They are very sturdy with strong grips all the way around their edges to easily hold fabric, yet are light and easy to manipulate. I rotate them as needed to suit the area I am working in. Once in a very tight spot, I even used one of them tilted on edge, and they still worked well for me. My hands are very relaxed using them. I take them with me to quilting classes, allowing classmates to sample them. The response is almost always positive, except among the most dedicated glove lovers. I would buy these again in a heart-beat! Thank you Greer Family for a great invention!!
I recently purchased a Bernina B710 and the slide table was not stable because a piece that slides broke. The dealer got me another table and it broke again. I contacted the Greer's to see if they had one for my new machine (as I have two other tables I use one for my Vintage Singer 301 machines, and I purchased one 221 Featherweights.) Barbara promptly wrote me back and I ordered the 24 x 24 for my B710. My new table arrived promptly and IT'S PERFECT!!! I love their products as they are sturdy, easy to adjust and store. I take my tables to my sewing groups and the ladies love to try them out and will end up getting one for themselves. I love my tables, I could have just had one, but I love them so much I have gotten a couple for convenience only! If you are thinking about getting one, do it. You won't regret it. Great service, Made in the USA. You can't beat it
Have had my table for just a week and cannot live without it! What a difference it makes, even when doing sewing and not quilting! Easy to set up and adjust- this table is an engineering feat of pure unadulterated genius!

Bought it for use with a Baby Lock Ellure Plus and a Janome 3160QDC- while I have only used it with the Baby Lock, have absolutely no doubt that it will work superbly with the Janome! hope to figure out out to use it with the embroidery module on the Baby Lock next!

This is a "must have" for any quilter, machine embroiderer, or sewer!
Just what I needed!
I own quite a few machines and use almost all of them. Having extension tables custom made was way too expensive. Until now I have been making my own temporary tables from layers of heavy weight cardboard and covering them with contact paper, using lengths of PVC pipe for the legs! What a hassle and they don't hold up for a lot of heavy duty quilting. Finding this adjustable table was just what I needed! I LOVE this 24"x24" table!! It fits all my machines and the adjustments take very little time to master. Right now it is attached to my favorite old Bernina Virtuosa and will be going with me to a quilting retreat so I can sew comfortably on an adjustable height table. Thank you for such a great product! I'm bragging to all my friends about this and can't wait to show it off at retreats and classes!
Finally found one and it's great!!
After extensively searching for an extension table for my Kenmore Janome MC91001, for free-motion embroidery, I eventually stumbled across this site for the Sewing Mates adjustable table. It's pricey, but worth every penny because it's so adjustable it will fit every one of my table top machines. It's easy to adjust and once it's adjusted, it fits so snug around the machine top and is rock solid! I have just ordered the 24X24, now that I know it will fit on my workspace and will use the first one on my Viking.
So very pleased...
So very excited when your 24 x 24" table arrived yesterday afternoon. Took just minutes to set up for my 1984 Bernina 930. I've thought long and hard about spending the money, but do not regret the decision at all. It is sturdy and fits smoothly around the free arm, giving me tons of space for spreading out the quilt sandwich for free motion quilting. I'd held off working on my current project till the table arrived. Can't wait to finish it now.
Thanks for a wonderful product.
Gods gift to multiple machine owners!!
Love, love, love my new 24 x 24 extension table. Just quilted a top and the fabric just glides on it. It was easy to put together and so easy to adjust for my other machines. Only wish I had known about this fantastic product before I purchased individual ones for some of my machines. Love the size. This is a MUST HAVE for quilters if your machine does not go down in a cabinet. Thank you for the wonderful product and the excellent service.
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