Grip-Its for Free Motion Quilting

Grip-Its for Free Motion Quilting



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Grip-Its for Free Motion Quilting

Made from 1/4" thick clear acrylic with heavy duty rubber grips, provides steady control for guiding fabric while stitching designs or straight line quilting. Comfortable to use, eases arm and shoulder stress as you rest your hands on the grips and easily move the fabric where you want it. The clear acrylic allows you to see your pattern and track your previous stitching. The D-shape of the grips provide a straight or curved edge to guide repeatable patterns. Easier than gloves you don't need to remove them to thread a needle or change your bobbin. Scroll down page for Videos!

Super traction where you need it.

Watch Penny Olive, Quilter and Instructor using Grip-Its on a large quilt.

Penny Olive compares Grip-Its to Gloves.

Alyssa Thomas of Penguin and Fish finishing the quilting on her Splendid Sampler quilt. Watch to the end to hear how she feels about using the Grip Its! What a beautiful quilt!

Sew Fun with Grip-Its demo

Here's what our customers are saying about our new Grip-Its:

Barbara, I got my grip-its in the mail last week, and I tried them today. I love them!!!
Here's what I love about Grip-its for Free Motion Quilting:
1. How light weight, yet substantial they are. They don't feel cheap at all.
2. That I don't have to "wear" them or strap them on in any way
3. How easy they are to move around while quilting. I don't have to pause.
4. That they fit easily right under my Sew AdjustTable when I'm not using them, even while quilting.
5. They are aesthetically pleasing
6. They are fun to use and feel good on my fingers. Not like sweaty gloves.
7. Because of the design, I get to control the quilting space I get to have available. Not like hoops or U-shaped things that I've tried before.
I like EVERYTHING about them! I'm not ever giving them up. Christy B.

  1. Sew Gripping 5 Star Review

    Posted by Unknown on 31st Jul 2016 absolutely love these for quilting.
    I purchased table and other items as well as these and have been sewing all weekend putting things through their paces.
    I must say these are FAB! for quilting I do freehand quilting and these are perfect better than then gloves which I found made my hands sweaty super service from Sewing Mates
  2. Sew Grateful! 5 Star Review

    Posted by Roni K on 16th May 2016 Grip-its are perfect!!! I am learning free-motion quilting but find gloves to be claustrophobic. I also do not like needing to remove them to change a music station, use the phone, etc. The Greer's invention of Grip-its have made my quilting life so much easier and more comfortable. They are very sturdy with strong grips all the way around their edges to easily hold fabric, yet are light and easy to manipulate. I rotate them as needed to suit the area I am working in. Once in a very tight spot, I even used one of them tilted on edge, and they still worked well for me. My hands are very relaxed using them. I take them with me to quilting classes, allowing classmates to sample them. The response is almost always positive, except among the most dedicated glove lovers. I would buy these again in a heart-beat! Thank you Greer Family for a great invention!!

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